First Post – The Plan (aka How the heck did we get here)

About a month ago, I had this brilliant idea. I was going to take some of the money from my house sale and head over to Thailand – Kind of an “Eat, Pray, Love” thing. Problem is, I hated that book. I hated that movie. I hated everything about it. The only thing I really did appreciate was that the protagonist left everything behind (including her Doctor McDreamy husband ) to find herself.

Finding myself seemed to be a great idea, but why Thailand??? Sure, it looks beautiful. It is one of the safest places for a woman to travel alone. Supposedly quite cheap . . . but when I returned after a 10-day vacation, what would be different? Nothing. I would come back to a job that has no opportunity for growth. I would have to be content with my annual 1-3% cost of living increase each year (which is WAY BETTER than what a lot of people get). Content with very few close acquaintances and one or two real friends.  Content with habitually crappy weather.  Nope. Thailand would make me hate myself more. Glad I figured that out prior to purchasing the ticket.

I do not have a disposable income. In fact, I barely have enough money to cover 9 months worth of bills . . . but I do have a dream. I have a dream to be happy somewhere. To live somewhere that I can afford, but more importantly, a place that I love. I want to be able to get up in the morning and hike with my dogs, sit on the porch and drink coffee, to not be stranded inside most of the year because snow and cold forbid any sort of outside excursions unless you want to wear 100 pounds of cold weather gear. I want to live anywhere but here — Fargo, North Dakota. Sure, it’s a great place to raise a kid, but mine has been brought up into adulthood and flew from the nest a year ago. Now it is my turn. So – I put in my notice at my job and decided to see the United States – by car.

May 18, 2018 is my last day at my job. May 21, 2018 I will get in my car with my pupper (Charlie!) and we will start out looking for our new home. The current plan is to head east. The map below shows the first few major stops (including Acadia National Park!!). Are any of these places at the top of my list for permanent residence? Nope, but I haven’t been to Maine. I haven’t been to Niagara Falls. I haven’t been to Salem. I haven’t met my friend and library cohort, Lisa, in person yet. Most importantly, I haven’t seen my closest and oldest friend, Sarah in well over a year (see you soon, love!). I have an opportunity to see new things and meet new people. I am taking that opportunity right now.Capture

After this part of the trip, I will continue south, into Florida, over to New Orleans area, into Texas, then back up north to Fargo. Charlie will have to stay with Grandma and Grandpa when I head west — Alaska, California, the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest. All-in-all, the trip will probably be about 2.5 months (or more). I plan to update this blog weekly as trip planning progresses (want to hear about renewing my library card and cancelling my Audible subscription? yeah, didn’t think so). Once I am on the road, I will do my best to update you with my progress and photos of course. Hope to see you on the road!




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