Running Toward The Unknown – Send Oxygen

Just a few more days and I am on the road! I have created playlists on Spotify, downloaded about 400 hours of audiobooks, started packing my car, and said goodbye to most of my friends. This trip is real. It is happening. It is undeniably scary. I am unsure what scares me the most: the length of the trip, the lack of money, the not having a job when the money starts running out, all of the above? Yes. That is exactly what it is. All of this scares me. Once again, it is the fear of the unknown. Going out and not knowing what exactly is going to happen. The stress and anxiety are starting to make their presence known. I need to begin taking control of the stress –Ā  I need to take control of me. Now just to figure out how . . .

As many of you know, the last few months have been stressful. There have been many changes, most of which led to my decision to take this trip. Well, as a 40-year-old, fairly inactive, woman, the stress has wrecked havoc upon my body. Weight has been gained. Skin has wrinkled. Fingernails have grown (this is odd to me as I have always bit my nails in stressful situations. This habit just disappeared one day ā€“ I think it was when my boss was in France for a week and a half šŸ˜‰). I have made the decision to begin some lifestyle changes ā€“ starting first with diet and exercise.

I contacted a friend of mine who is a nutritionist/personal trainer. She sent me the info needed to begin counting my macros, foods to eat, and ways to work out on the road. The information is SO GOOD! She has been a wonderful person with whom to work, especially since she lives in Texas and I am still in North Dakota, so all of our communication has been online. If you are looking for a personal trainer, check out Janelle at Cardinal Muscle Performance . She also has a blog that is full of tips for those looking to get into shape or those who are already in shape, but just want some good reading.Ā  I am excited to take the information that she has given me and run with it (probably a lot more running that I have ever done ā€“ ugh).

Well all, I have a lot to get done before Sunday and a lot of people to meet up with between then and now. I am going to sign off. The next post should be from on the road, probably somewhere in Michigan.

From this point out, the blog posts should be a bit more interesting to read, more pictures (and not just of my funny face), and truly travel related. Of course, I will probably throw in some random personal insight or story that I remember which may relate to what I have seen during that week of travel . . . who knows?Ā  I guess it will be a surprise to us all.

Until then ā€“ here is Charlie being Charlie.


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