Speeding Through Life (or maybe just Wisconsin)

Preface – I am writing this on my phone. There will probably be a heck of a lot more typos than normal.

Also, the formatting … Ugh. What a pain.

I have made it to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan! Charlie has been a trooper. Granted, he has not been nearly as friendly as he typically is. All he wants to do is mope.

I met a wonderful Wisconsin State Patrol officer while getting Charlie a burger at McDonalds. While waiting for the food, I kept glancing over at my car, just checking on Charlie. The officer noticed and asked if I had any troubles or if something was going on.

I stated, “No. Just making sure my dog isn’t taking off with my car as I do not want to be stuck in this part of Wisconsin”.

He laughed, “Funny I’ve never ever heard that excuse from a speeder. ‘I swear officer, my dog had control of the car!'”

We had a good laugh. His food was ready then, so I didn’t get a chance to ask him what was the most ridiculous excuse he has ever received; however, I was able to find out how far I was from the Michigan border (3 hours at that point). As he left, he waved at Charlie. Charlie moped.

I am pretty sure the officer radioed in my car and description. Maybe not. Maybe I am just lucky (hahahahaha); however, I really should have been pulled over at least once for speeding after that. Instead, I got a wave from those patrol cars I did pass. Perhaps they did not want me in their state as much as I did not want to be in it. Either way, thank you, Officer McD. I appreciate your kindness and concern.
I am currently sitting by my campfire right next to Indian Lake. It is going to be a cold night. The air has a bite similar to opening a grocery freezer. I am glad I remembered to bring the Fight Club robe and my underarmour. I am also pretty lucky that I have a warm, furry body sharing the tent with me! Too bad he doesn’t like to cuddle …
Well, it is time to find where I can wash up my dishes. I certainly do not need a black bear cuddling up to me tonight (although it would probably be nice and warm …. In its belly). Have a wonderful night!

On a side note, e

njoy a this quickly put together, zero editing video of Charlie by Indian Lake. It is sunset and gorgeous. Even Charlie seems to be enjoying it. The bite in the air is not strong enough to discourage me from getting my feet wet.

I can handle the nibble 😁. Enjoy and Definitely be a wee bit jealous.

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